Expectations of Parents


We love being your boy's leaders and helping them out. But being a parent of a Cub Scout is more than just transportation! We know you're not perfect, and sometimes you'll forget about things, but that's ok, we all do it! Being a parent of a Cub Scout can be a fun and exciting experience helping your boy learn and grow. The following are a few areas of things that we would like for parents to participate.

1. Bring your son to Den Meetings or arrange for them to get there somehow.
The weekly Den Meetings is where your son will do a lot of learning about and doing requirements. Plus, he gets to do it as part of a group, which is more fun.

2. Help your son pass off requirements at home.
Often there are requirements that can only be completed at home, such as cooking breakfast for the family. Every once in a while, look through his book and see what you can do to help. Soon we'll have a list of requirements to work on at home for each den up on the webpage.

3. Come to Pack Meetings every month, and bring the whole family.
Pack Meeting is where you son gets to show off his accomplishments, and it means the most to his family.

4. Help out with an assignment on the Committee.
Most assignments are small and easy tasks, and hopefully it's something that you enjoy doing. An example of one is bringing the treats for Pack Meeting one month. We will be giving out these assignments shortly.