Leaders Contact Information

Because of privacy concerns, we are unable to give the phone numbers and other info through the webpage. However, we will be able to email you a list of that information if you would like. Just email Joseph, make sure to tell which boy you're a parent of, and he will gladly send you the information. 


Name Position Ward Email address
Joseph Oakes Committee Chair, Cubmaster 7th joakes79@gmail.com
Jeremy Roberts Cubmaster 1st jroberts2500@q.com
Kevin Owen Cubmaster 6th ksowen68@gmail.com
Lisa Owen Wolf Den Leader 6th klisa68@gmail.com
Julie Deru Wolf Den Leader 6th jderu08@gmail.com
Rana Hughes Bear Den Leader 7th familyisfun@comcast.net
Kathy Ellis Bear Den Leader 7th katamarillo@gmail.com
Julianne Steiner Webelos Den Leader 1st jssteiner22@gmail.com
Adele Schlaich Webelos Den Leader 1st mailforadele@yahoo.com
Larry Collinwood 11-Year-Old Scout Leader 1st larrycollinwood@mail.weber.edu
Ryan Smith 11-Year-Old Scout Leader 6th ryanniki216@gmail.com
Thomas Good 11-Year-Old Scout Leader 7th thomas.good@us.army.mail
Ashley Teuscher Primary Representative 1st littleshawgirl@msn.com
  Primary Representative 6th  
Janie Stubbs Primary Representative 7th jstubby96@yahoo.com
Andy Young Bishopric Representative 1st andrewyoung@weber.edu
Jared Abney Bishopric Representative 6th jaredbabney@gmail.com
Jason Carter Bishopric Representative 7th  
Patricia Porter Stake Prim. Pres., Unit Commissioner   Mikepat_porter@msn.com