Parent Talent Survey

               We are always looking for a few parents who are willing to help out with the program. In Cub Scouts, we introduce the boys to many hobbies, sports, and other areas of interest. Sometimes the Den Leaders are unfamiliar with a particular topic, such as carpentry or electrical safety. This is where a parent could help out, provided that he or she has some training or expertise in this area.

In particular, the Webelos Program is always looking for Activity Badge Counselors to help with some of the more technical awards, such as the Craftsman, Handyman, Scientist, Engineer, etc. If you have skills and knowledge that you would like to share, please let a Cubmaster or Webelos Leader know.

              We have a talent survey form that lets us know what skills you have, and in what areas you would be willing to help. We ask that you download and print the form, and give it to one of the Cubmasters at your convenience. If you have questions, feel free to Contact Joseph.


Parent Talent Survey Form