Crash Course

Congratulations on becoming a parent of a Cub Scout! Cub Scouts is a terrific program that lets the boys learn and explore a wide variety of interests, and develops talents in academics and sports. But if this is your first Cub, then you probably have a few questions. Feel free to browse to the Dictionary page if you see an unfamiliar term.


First of all, your son is a member of a den, which is a group of boys that are the same age. The Wolf Den is for the 8-year-olds, the Bear Den is for the 9-year-olds, and the Webelos Den is for the 10-year-olds. Each Den has at least 2 adult leaders who supervise and plan Den activities, which are held weekly in the afternoon for about an hour. Together, all three dens make up a Pack, which is led by 1 or more Cubmasters.


Part of being a Cub Scout is looking the part. Your son needs to have an official Cub Scout uniform, which can be purchased at the local Scout Shop, or he may use a hand-me-down uniform from a neighbor or older brother. There are several patches that need to be sewn on to the shirt. These patches are provided by the Pack and will be given at your son's first Pack Meeting. Please also see the Uniform page for more information.


No matter what den your son is in, the first thing he needs to do is to earn his Bobcat Award. This can be done in a couple of days at home with you. To earn it he must fulfill 8 requirements, which mainly consist of learning and memorizing the Cub Scout motto, promise, law, handshake, salute, and sign. The other major part is having a sit-down discussion with you about safety and abuse. The handbooks have a small, removable booklet to help you lead this discussion. Please also see the Advancement page for more information.

Signing Off

In your son's handbook, there are a lot of fun things he can do. At the bottom of each is a space for "Akela's OK," which is CubScoutese for "parent's or leader's signature." After your son has completed something to the best of his ability, you may sign your name to show that he has finished. Be sure to remind your boy to show this signature to his Den Leader so she can record it in her records as well.


As part of a den, your scout will meet weekly in the afternoon and work on passing off requirements while learning about a monthly theme. On the last Wednesday of the month, instead of a Den Meeting there will be a Pack Meeting, which is a meeting for all of the boys in the pack, their parents and siblings, and all leaders. This is where Cubs get their awards they have earned in the past month, as well as get to show off the work they've done and play games. We ask that you show up at 6:45 so that everyone can be ready at 7:00 to officially start. Please also see the Schedule page for more information.


Your son can earn lots of different things during his time as a Cub Scout, but there are a few ones that we emphasize especially. The main ones that we really encourage him to earn are the rank advancements (Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Arrow of Light). In the process of getting those there are a few other awards that serve as small stepping stones to the ranks. There are many, many other optional awards for a wide variety of activities available. Please visit the Optional Awards page to get info on all of these. For most of these, we just require the OK of the Den Leader, Cubmaster, or a parent. We rely on the parents to be a good example in using the honor system. Awards are handed out at Pack Meetings each month; visit the Patches page for help on where to put awards on shirts.


Like most other endeavors that your son embarks upon, there are some things that you will be expected to do. Mostly this consists of reminding him to work on his requirements and helping get to and from meetings. Please visit the Expectations page for more information.


The leaders are eager and willing to help your Cub do his best in Cub Scouts. You may contact them by visiting the Leader's Contact page. We hope you'll keep in touch with them and talk to them often to keep up the communication. 

Other Questions

This webpage was created to be a guide and answer questions you might have about the program, but if you have some others, feel free to ask one of the leaders, visit the FAQ page, or email Joseph at any time.