Day Camp Info 

      Day Camp is a great opportunity for Cub Scouts to get out into the outdoors and focus on passing off requirements for a whole day. We start early in the morning by meeting at the church to arrange the carpool. It takes about an hour to get to either Camp Kiesel or Fife, and then after checking in and playing a few games with the staff, we officially begin the Camp Program with a flag ceremony.
      For most of the rest of the day, the boys rotate between 6 and 8 different stations where they work on many requirements for their Cub Scout advancement. The stations include a BB gun shooting range, an archery range, and a canoeing section. Be assured that BSA follows proper safety rules and procedures for these activities to keep everyone having fun without getting hurt.
      Each boy needs to bring his own lunch to eat at the appropriate time, as well as a water bottle for proper hydration. During the day we will be singing all kinds of silly songs and doing lots of silly cheers as part of the fun. There is also a trading post where boys can buy things such as pocket knives, fur pelts, patches, shirts, craft kits, candy, and other items with can range from $1
to $30. Starting in 2010, the boys will need a permission slip to buy a knife while at camp. After a closing flag ceremony, we all pile in the cars and return home exhausted!

Note: Beginning in 2011, the wards have asked the Cubs' families to pay for camp ($20).
If you are unable to do this, speak with your bishop for alternative arrangements.

The final dates for Day Camp at Camp Fifein 2013 are as follows:

Wolves/Bears - June 17th

Webelos - June 21st



Note: Camps Kiesel and Fife provide an overnight camping experience for Webelos Scouts, but current Church regulations don't allow for overnight camping. Instead we will be going to a regular day camp for Webelos.

Forms to fill out if you have lost the summer packet:

Health Form

Camp RSVP and Pocket Knife Permission (Wolves/Bears)

Camp RSVP and Pocket Knife Permission (Webelos)

Activity Consent Form (Wolves/Bears)

Activity Consent Form (Webelos)

Other Information:

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